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Boarding Your Bordoodle Puppy / Dog

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Bordoodle Puppy Boarding - $100 per week

Are you adopting a Bordoodle puppy from us? If so, you can arrange to have us board your puppy beyond 8 weeks of age until the timing is right for delivery or pick of your next furry family member. We provide food and water, security, safety love and attention for your puppy. If your puppy is enrolled in  our puppy obedience training program, boarding is FREE. Otherwise, the cost is very reasonable at $100 per week. We do not have daily rates... Example: if your pup stays for 9 days, we charge two weeks rate, which would be $200. 

Adult Boarding - $150 per week
The boarding of adult dogs is subject to our approval and availability. For adult dogs, we require a copy of your health records and vaccination history which must include proof of a Bordetalla vaccination given at least 12 days prior to the boarding date.  We also require that your dog have a registered microchip veterinarians health exam within 3 days prior to boarding.

Call 801-828-0104 to schedule.