Because we have such a deep appreciation and love for this wonderful breed, we spare no expense for the care and well being of our dogs and puppies. We expect the same from those who seek to adopt a Borderdoodle puppy from Mountain Rose.

The first step in your puppy adoption is to complete our Puppy Adoption Application. We ask that you provide detailed answers whenever possible. 

​After you complete your application you'll be able to place a $500 deposit. 100% of your deposit is credited towards the purchase of your puppy, and it will secure your pick position on the litter of your choice, or you can immediately reserve any available puppy, or you can choose to have your name placed on our Master List of Depositors  

​​​​​​​BEST of the "Doodles"
Smartest of all "doodles"
Most athletic and agile
Easiest to train
Low to non-shedding
Usually Hypoallergenic
Ideal for families and kids
Loyal and affectionate

Our Glorious Borderdoodles

It is our extreme pleasure to welcome you to a world of Borderdoodles, also known as Border Doodle and Bordoodle. Borderdoodles are a hybrid cross between a Border Collie and Poodle, the two  smartest dogs in the world!

This Border Collie Poodle cross not only produces the smartest and most athletic of all "doodle" breeds, but also produces the most exceptional family dog and personal companion with amazing attributes that are just not found in other breeds. 

We hope you will find the information on our site to helpful and informative. We have tons of information and fun videos too. We are also readily available by phone or email to answer your questions.

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There’s a bit of confusion going on in the doodle world about the name of the Border Collie and Poodle cross. One of the most frequent questions we receive is, “Why do some people call these dogs Border Doodles and others call them Bordoodles"? Well, there is a really good reason. 

When the breed first became popular, most or all of the organizations that recognize this breed such as Continental Kennel Club, Designer Breed Registry,  Dog Registry of America, and others named this dog the “Borderdoodle” and people came to know the breed as the Borderdoodle or Border Doodle. This seemed to make the most sense because it was crossed with the Border Collie and the Poodle. This is why, in the beginning, our original "kennel" name was Mountain Rose Borderdoodles (eventually converting our official kennel name to Mountain Rose Bordoodles).

Over the years, several of the breed organizations shortened the name to Bordoodle. This led the rest of the registries eventually changing their registry names from Borderdoodles to Bordoodles. So, today the technical "Official" name for this breed is Bordoodle. Of course, because Mountain Rose was there in the very beginning, we were lucky to acquire and own both Internet URL names as well as

Internet search term popularity ranking…
#1 Border Doodle    
#2 Borderdoodle 

#3 Bordoodle  (This is the official name)

So, even though Bordoodle is the official technical name for this breed, it’s actually Border Doodle that’s winning the race on search engines. This means people googling to find out more about this breed are looking up the Border Doodle over the other two terms. This means even though breeders and dog lovers know Bordoodle as the technical term, people creating content for their web sites have to adapt their content to match the terms people are searching the breed by and add this level of confusion by adding these three breed names just so people can learn more about the smartest doodles in the world.​

Service Dogs

​​​​​​​​​​BEST of the "Doodles"
Smartest of all "doodles"
Most athletic and agile
Easiest to train
Low to non-shedding
Usually Hypoallergenic
Ideal for families and kids
Loyal and affectionate

Our Bordoodles make ideal Service Dogs and personal companions because we breed for health, intelligence and temperament first. Because of these proven traits, which we consistently achieve in our breeding program, our dogs make ideal service dogs ranking high in three particular service dog categories... Therapeutic, Mobility Assistance and Diabetic Alert dogs. Mountain Rose is proud to have a number of our past puppies now serving as PTSD Therapeutic Service dogs, Autism Assistance Dogs and Diabetic Alert Dogs.

If you are in need of a service dog, we can help you select a Bordoodle puppy that displays the temperament traits consistent with those found in proven service dogs. We can also help establish the initial base training relevant to the type of service dog you need and help you locate a trainer in your area that will work with you and your dog, continuing the service dog training.​

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Because Bordoodles are smart, tolerant, loyal and super affectionate, they make wonderful family dogs and personal companions. They love to play games, go on hikes and be part of the family. Bordoodles love kids and get along well with other animals. They don't usually bark, except to warn of a stranger on your property. Bordoodles are usually hypoallergenic and are low to non-shedding. They also excel in agility sports and are super desirable as service dogs due to their high I.Q. and astonishing reasoning ability, which makes them super easy to train. Your Bordoodle puppy can be kennel trained and taught to proficiently obey all basic obedience commands by just 12 weeks of age! Mountain Rose can help you accomplish this.

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