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Helpful Information When Accompanying Your Puppy on an Airplane.
Article By: The Saner Family 

​​Emma's Plane Ride Home...

Emma was amazing all day yesterday on our flight home. She charmed everyone.  In my whole life I’ve never had a puppy who didn’t cry the first night but Emma didn’t.  We arrived home at 10:30 p.m. and she was curious about everything. Finally at 12:15 am we went to bed but she was still ready to have fun.  The cats liked her immediately.  After I write this Emma and I are going to the barn/pasture to meet the horses & cows.  She seems totally connected to us and not lonely at all and she really listens.

​The papoose carrier was wonderful.  Emma got to look at everything in the airports and because she was in the papoose we weren’t asked to put her underneath the seat on the planes.  That was a great surprise as we thought she would have to be underneath the seat at all times. Security was a breeze - I just walked through the scanner with her.  No health papers were required.  We had a window seat on each flight and she loved looking out the window.  When she got tired we put her in the carrier underneath the seat and she was fine.  On each flight everyone around us was amazed that we had a puppy because there was never a peep out of her.  When we arrived in ROC I took her outside and she had to go immediately.  She was very hungry and thirsty (I gave her a little bit of water on the flights but nothing to eat) but she stayed calm.

We think that flying with the puppy is a great bonding experience - she seems completely attached already to both of us. We’re really glad she had a week of your excellent training because she learned a lot.  She walked quietly on the leash every time we put her on the ground and she comes when she’s called, even without treats (because we didn’t want to feed her). Anyway, we never expected her to handle such a long and difficult day so well.  Today she’s full of herself and wants to explore everything.

Thank you again for letting us spend so much time at your lovely place with your wonderful dogs.  We think that extra bonding time and learning your training methods made a tremendous difference yesterday. We’ll keep in touch and we’ll send pictures.

Stright Scoop on Bortdoodle Cross.
Article By: The Poppe Family 

A cross between Border collie and Poodle is known as "Borderdoodle" or "Bordoodle". These hybrid type dogs are the smartest dogs in the world. They are so easy to train. Learning commands in as little as five initial instructions. They are good in every climate. These are outstanding family dogs and so good with children and get along with domestic pets at home.

They also make superb service dogs. They are intelligent and happy dogs possessing a seemingly sixth sense, which is one reason why they are in such high demand as SERVICE DOGS. They are perfect as diabetic alert dogs and are so well suited for assisting the physically handicap with every days tasks like opening doors and drawers, picking up and fetching items and so much more.

Border Collie x Poodle