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Cupid ( Girl )

Adopted by the Bhat family

Comet ( boy )

Adopted by the Scott family

Dasher ( boy )

Adopted by the Patal family

Dancer ( girl )

Adopted by the Marques family

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Prancer ( girl )

Adopted by the Yusuf family

01/12:  Puppies go home 

Congratulations to our new puppy owners... and of course, to all puppies!

Blitzen ( boy )

Adopted by the Middleton family

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White and Black Moyen Poodle Finn

Congratulations to our newest puppy owners!

Marques - Chooses "Dancer"

Scott - Chooses "Comet"

Ballard DTE  - Chooses "Donner"

Long - Chooses "Rudolph"

Middleton - Chooses "Blitzen"

Yusuf - Chooses "Prancer"

Bhat - Chooses "Cupid"

Patal - Chooses "Dasher"

All of Shilah's puppies have found their forever homes!!

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8 Puppies

5 boys | 3 girls

Bordoodle Puppy

Donner ( boy )

Adopted by DTE

Rudolph ( boy )

Adopted by the Long family


F1 Bordoodle Puppies

Projected Adult Size: 30-40 lbs


Ready to go home 01-12-2021


Thank you to everyone for making Puppy PIck Day a great success!

December 31, 2020

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